Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I think "didn't think" is the important part of that statement

John V. Santore, former Obama campaign organizer and congressional speechwriter, writes: "Obama isn't who I didn't think he was. But he might be." (HT Nealz Nuze)

You can certainly read the whole thing, but don't expect to make any sense out of it. Here's my favorite part:

But ultimately, my true faith was in the man himself. He is different, I
thought. He's had a unique upbringing. He's worldly and uncharacteristically
educated. And I simply could not imagine that a black man in America would ever
be able to fall in line with the same old group of people and policies. His
personal experiences would be too different to allow that to happen.

Because Black People, you know, they're not like us. They're different, man.

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