Sunday, August 3, 2008

AIDS in America

OK, I just can’t bring myself to get worked up about AIDs in the US- whatever demographic group it’s currently affecting the worst. AIDS in Africa- sure, that’a big, big problem- and there are a lot of other problems (crippling poverty, lack of medical resources, cultural issues involving female submission and prostitution, lack of prenatal care to prevent transmission from pregnant women to babies, etc) that make it a whole heck of a lot worse. But here in the US- I’m sorry, no. You simply cannot tell me that most people, even if they’re poor, or female, or black, or gay, don’t know how it’s transmitted and how you can avoid it. You can get free condoms on pretty much every block, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. (My college roommates used to take the extras from the health dept and turn them into water balloons.) And thanks to Medicaid, those with it can get the very best treatment available, even if they don’t have the income or insurance. I’m sorry, there are a lot more problems in the world that are far, far more worth my worry.

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